Auditoría y estudios de mercadoAuditoría y estudios de mercado

Audit Services

An Audit is a systematic review of the financial statements, records and operations, in order to determine if they are in accordance with the Accounting Principles which are generally accepted, as well as those policies established by Management, and with any other legal or voluntarily accepted requirements.

Audit en Valladolid

Depending on the objective pursued, or the importance given to some aspects, our Team of Professionals may participate in the following auditing modalities:

Financial:The Financial Audit is a review of the Company´s Financial Statements, which is similar to the External Audit. Its purpose is to express an opinion on whether the Balance Sheet figures and the Income Statement presents the current situation of the Company fairly, in accordance with generally accepted Accounting Principles.

Verifiying: The purpose of the Audit is to review the implementation and execution of systems, policies and procedures established by Management.

Operative: It is rather a mental attitude of the Auditor. This is about controling the activities carried out by the Company. It is an auditing approach aimed to inspect data as a mean to improve the Company's activities.

Special: The General Management or proper authority may determine the particular objective and/or scope of the work of the Audit.

Market Research

We, at SOSA & MARINA CONSULTING, believe that planning any investment project deserves the importance. Every possible scenarios must be envisaged in order to avoid unwanted surprises and channel the efforts properly to achieve the success of the project, about quality, time and budget.

Market research is an essential point for an appropriate approach.

An appropriate planning will result a good investment, where technical, administrative and economic solutions meet the expectations for Customers and users, as well as the historical situation our Communities are living.

Our proffesional team will attend you to make decisions on both the market in which you want to rush, and the economic time in which this may be, avoiding to leave to fate these kind of resolutions, in particular:

  • Defining the profile of the buyer or user, in all that constitutes a beginning to base and define the kind of products and services that the investment project will offer, in terms of size, type, quantity, price and stages.
  • Supporting the definition for the Activities and Projects Program for each of the products and services, as well as elements, components and alternatives.

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